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LPG series high-speed centrifu…Centrifugal spray drying machine working principle: After filtering and heating, air into the dryer…Read More>>

One dimensional mixer■the company the latest research and development of a simple and efficient powder mixing machine, s…Read More>>

PLG series disc dryer in succe…Product introduction Plate continuous dryer is a kind of efficient transmitting continuouslyDrying …Read More>>

Series of XSG rotating flash d…Summary: XSG rotating flash drying machine series is on the basis of introducing and absorbing fore…Read More>>

QG pulse air drierFeatures: QG series pulse type air dryer is a kind of massDrying equipment, it USES the principle o…Read More>>

EYH series of two-dimensional …Features: EYHTwo-dimensional motion mixer drum can be simultaneously two movement, one for the rota…Read More>>

Improved air drier QFF seriesPrinciple: Strengthening device at the bottom of the design is unique, stirring tooth as the diamon…Read More>>

Three-dimensional motion mixer… Features: Because the mixing barrel has more in the direction of movement, make the barrel body …Read More>>

ZLG series vibrating fluidized…Principle: Material from the inlet into the machine, under the effect of vibration, the material al…Read More>>

CH series trough type mixing m…Used for mixing power or damp raw material, make the different main supplementary material mix propo…Read More>>

VHJ series mixing machineTechnical parameters: model …Read More>>

YPG series pressure spray drye…Pressure type spray drying granulating machine is to use pressure atomizer through the pressure of t…Read More>>

The VI type forced mixer serie…Summary: lowImporting, absorbing and digesting the foreign new technology, our factory has been dev…Read More>>

ZYG series of traditional Chin…The machine adopts closed form, all parts are made of stainless steel with tertiary purification pla…Read More>>

YZG/FZG series vacuum dryerSo-called vacuum drying is to dry materials in the vacuum conditions, heated drying, if the use of v…Read More>>

WLDH series horizontal ribbon …The working principle of the horizontal ribbon mixer Horizontal ribbon mixer by the installation on…Read More>>

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Our company is a Fujian biological amino acid m…

Our company according to customer process, production and processing of amino acid mother liquor special spray… [ More ]

Disc dryer drying time is short

Changzhou Yier drying equipment Co. Ltd. is. The disc dryer material i… [ More ]
[ 2015-09-19 ] Disc dryer drying time…
[ 2015-09-19 ] Technical scheme of di…
[ 2015-07-03 ] The method of the key …

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Pioneer of drying equipment!
      China drying industry of the bright younger generation --- Changzhou Yier drying Equipment Co.,Ltd. , is located in the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan, "three Corner of the core city of Jiangsu - Changzhou. Is a set design, development, life Professional, scientific and technological ...

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Many well-known enterprises choose Yier drying!
1、Technical consultation: buyer to provide material drying requirements, the seller ...
2、Selection and recommendation: the purchase of equipment, the seller is free ...
3、Installation and commissioning: the arrangement plan of the equipment is ...
4、Training service: supplier to send technical personnel to assist in the guidance ...
5、Warranty service: equipment from the date of delivery, thirteen In a month....
6、Verification: free to provide equipment and Management verification data ...
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